La detección de ondas gravitacionales: el nacimiento de una nueva astronomía


detección de ondas gravitacionales

El pasado 11 de febrero se inició una nueva era en la historia de la astronomía. Ese día, el Observatorio de Interferometría Láser de Ondas Gravitacionales (LIGO) anunció la primera detección directa de ondas gravitacionales, unas vibraciones en el espacio-tiempo provocadas por objetos masivos acelerados. Albert Einstein predijo su existencia hace un siglo y teníamos pruebas indirectas de ella, pero estas ondas no se habían detectado hasta ahora. ¿En qué consiste exactamente este fenómeno? ¿Por qué es tan importante su descubrimiento y qué implicaciones tiene para la física y la astronomía?

Los físicos José Juan Blanco-Pillado, Jon Urrestilla y Raül Vera, profesores del Departamento de Física Teórica e Historia de la Ciencia de la UPV/EHU, respondieron a estas preguntas en la charla-coloquio titulada ‘La detección de ondas gravitacionales: el nacimiento de una nueva astronomía’ que se llevó a cabo el pasado 27 de abril en Azkuna Zentroa.

La Zientziateka es una iniciativa que organizan mensualmente la Cátedra de Cultura Científica de la UPV/EHU y Azkuna Zentroa para divulgar asuntos científicos de actualidad.

La detección de ondas gravitacionales

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    Robert E. Howard in his book “The Lost Race” says the Picts are the 1st true human race in the earth.He calls the Picts as cromagnons because the cromagnons are the 1st human race on earth.Read also Robert E Howard’s book Kull,exile of atlantis and Bran Mak Morn, the last king (king of the picts)
    «We, the most distant dwellers upon the earth, the last of the free, have been shielded…by our remoteness and by the obscurity which has shrouded our name…Beyond us lies no nation, nothing but waves and rocks»
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    “The Picts were descendants of the Iron Age people of northern Scotland, believed to have originated in Iberia as hunter-gatherers, they moved through lower Britain and entered Scotland around 7000BC. Recent DNA tests have proven the Picts were closely related to the Basques of northern Spain”
    «The Basque and Catalan regions, these were the bastions of the «Grail» families, this is where the descendants of Jesus and his family, lived (live) in the Middle Ages, this was «Grail»-central. Patrice Chaplin has written several books which touch on Rennes-le-Chateau and «the Grail,» which geographically recount her experiences in Gerona, Spain, and its relation to Rennes-le-Chateau in Southern France» Late Palaeolithic (to 8,000 BC)
    • Homo sapiens sapiens – current type of man
    • Art (decoration of caves, bones and stones)
    • Evolution towards the Basque Type(the white man) begins
    • Homo sapiens sapiens soon divides into the racial groups which now inhabit the earth (white, yellow, black). Each group becomes the origin of the races which we now distinguish. One of them, Cro-Magnon man, evolved indigenously into the Basque group.
    • Cave of Urtiaga (Deba)- final magdalen level (end of the late Palaeolithic age) Cro-Magnon type cranium beginning to evolve into the Basque cranium. Azilian level (beginning of Mesolithic age) ;intermediary crania, between Cro-Magnon and Basque. The crania of the Eneolithic age are clearly Basque.
    The Basques descend from the Trojan branch of the Thracians, who after the sacking of Troy, fled into parts of Europe, the vicinity of Rome, for one, where they were instrumental in the founding of the city:
    «The date of the founding of Rome is uncertain, but archaeologists estimate its founding to around 753 B.C., although it existed as a village or group of villages long before then. As the Romans steadily developed their city, government and culture, they imitated the neighboring civilization to the north, the Etruscans (former Trojans). Romans are sometimes referred to as «Etruscanized Latins.» Roman legend states that Aeneas, founder of the Roman race, was a prince of Troy who was forced to flee that city at the close of the Trojan war against Greece. Rome’s founder, Romulus, had a latinized Etruscan name
    The Etruscans dominated central Italy, and had already founded many cities, having arrived some 500 years earlier after leaving the city of Troy around 1260 B.C. The Romans called Etruscans the Tusci, and Tuscany still bears the name. The Etruscan language, once thought lost, is still spoken by the Basques, called Euskara. The first two centuries of Rome’s growth was dominated by the Etruscans «- American scientist and researcher Tim Osterholm
    “The Irish Book of Fenagh records the Basques settling Ireland. The book also documents the descendants of Noah settling the Basque country” The Book of Fenagh was completed at the monastery in 1516, and a copy is now kept at the Royal Irish Academy.
    The French Pierre D’Iharce, published in Paris, around 1825, his book entitled Histoire des cantabres premier ou des colons (settlers) de toute l’Europe. (history of the Cantabrians (meaning the Basques which are the original cantabrians and early settlers of Europe)). Well, in this rare book that I rescued from oblivion in my lengthy inquiries at the National Library, you can read textually the following: «Modern historians derive from Cantabria(Basque country) the root of all Western monarchies(true monarchies not the imposters of today), and the origin of the mythology of Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, and all their gods and heroes», Tohe basques/navarrese founded navarrae,aragon,etc and the true kings founded all the nations so cmmon sense should tell you that those true kings that founded all the nations were the basques/navarrese.Connect the dots.
    According to a study published in investigation and science (Scientific American) of the German scientists Elisabeth Hamel and Theo Vennesmann and the British Peter Foster, and based on the mitochondrial DNA of 10,000 Europeans, concludes that Europe was born in the upper Ebro .This shows that civilization moved from west to east and not the other way around and proving Paradise is in the west and not the east and proving imposters usurped our identity and history
    «Thanks to the genotypic, phylogenetic, philological, paleontological, archaeological, anthropological, etc studies,we know what the trail and where the great people, who raised the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean and Western civilization is located»… Much more info here Today, Norm Goldman, Editor of is honored to have as our guest, Dr. J.F. del Giorgio author of The Oldest Europeans.
    I notice you refer several times to Sabino Arana Goiri. Why do you believe his contribution is important in understanding the oldest Europeans?
    Dr. J.F. del Giorgio
    He was one of the first intellectuals to link some ancient European cultures to the Basques, something that was disregarded (even considered risible) by the main academic contemporary thought. Now, genetics (and also other biological markers) have proved him right. He was also very sensitive to the presence and distribution of Basque names in the ancient world. He and other Basque intellectuals were derided for that. I remember that while doing research in the Basque House in Madrid, their president asked me not to point any relationship between Basque names and ancient topography. They were afraid of even mentioning the subject. I complied. Nevertheless, a few years later some top linguists in Germany started to study precisely that field using the most modern academic methods. They arrived at the same conclusions that Arana Goiri and other Basques had reached many years ago. So, I suddenly became free to cover that subject in The Oldest Europeans.
    Curiously, there is a very interesting cloud of silence about any possible Euzkan cultural influence. In almost any book about ancient Greece, for instance, it can be found that thalassa was a Pelasgian name for the sea. It could be expected that someone would have explored any linguistic link with those ancient Europeans, the Basques. None did it, to my knowledge. Tala is linked to water in Basque. Yes, a remarkable cloud of silence still persists about that ancient culture, as there is a thunderous silence about ancient women’s role in society.
    I thought it was a good time to vindicate those formidable women and Sabino Arana Goiri as well
    Your book contains a tremendous amount of detailed information and as you mention, «it is a short review of prehistoric Europe». How did you go about deciding which information to include and which to exclude in a book that is only 246 pages? Did you not feel at times that you were overburdening your readers with some much information?
    Dr. J.F. del Giorgio
    I cut, cut, cut. I even cut whole chapters. But I felt at the same time that I was making people pay attention to their surroundings. I had to make them notice that their nearly forgotten ancestor’s story is everywhere. The only way was to provide them with data, not just to tell them but also to let them see. The amount of evidence is overwhelming
    Why do you feel that this was an important book for you to write and for all of us to read at this time?
    Dr. J.F. del Giorgio
    We are living in fast changing times; everything seems to be in upheaval. A few wrong moves and we will pop out into some giant nuclear fireworks. We need to know who we are and where we come from. I think that women’s rights are the most important issue nowadays. More than half the population of the earth has very limited rights or no rights at all. It is a time when is convenient to take a look at the origin of most of our institutions and beliefs. People show interest in a movie like Helen of Troy because their hearts and minds feel a need to understand that conflict. That old war still is an unresolved issue, and keeps generating tensions. The Oldest Europeans shows its links to women’s rights. The book explores the reasons why that ancient drama and those who struggled in it still deeply move us
    What do you mean when you say that Euzko(basque) societies were matrilineal and matrifocal and why is this important in our understanding of the first Europeans?
    Dr. J.F. del Giorgio
    That is the key to the whole book. The family structure is the most important attribute in any society. Just like cells typify and foretell the possible attributes of a body. Matrilineality means that Euzkos(basques) traced their ascent through maternal lines. Modern occidental societies tend to do the opposite. Power among the Euzkos was transferred not from a king to a prince but from a queen to a princess. Kings came to power only because they married the Queen of the realm. Women had a surprising religious power. Children who grew in those societies rejected the accumulation of power by a male leader
    Can you explain some of your research techniques, and how you found sources for your book?
    Dr. J.F. del Giorgio
    Years of training in gathering mountains of data for lab work and then make sense out of it helped. I got many insights through travel (and enjoyed the travels!) Actually many of the ideas presented in the book had been growing by themselves through visits to museums and historical sites. Avid research in libraries in Europe and America helped a lot. Being member of a university staff, I had an easy access to scientific articles on many of the main subjects. Many articles on DNA research, for instance, simply appeared on my desk. In universities and alike institutions you just need to point your fields of interest—people around will spontaneously help. Sometimes they were until then unknown people, who responded in unexpected, inspiring ways
    What challenges or obstacles did you encounter while writing your book? How did you overcome these challenges?
    Dr. J.F. del Giorgio
    It is not always easy to get the information you need. My main problems, anyhow, were physical. I suffered a stroke while in New York. It was followed by two minor additional episodes. It was hard to recover, but all in all I think that I have done well. It delayed the book, but a lot of key scientific data kept appearing and I then was able to profit from it.
    How important is the use of modern technology and DNA in our understanding of history and where do you think this will all lead?
    Dr. J.F. del Giorgio
    DNA techniques are rewriting history. It is changing our view on many supposed migrations. It reveals the ties between peoples—the dream of ancient sightseers. Some terrible episodes are known only through DNA tests—extinctions or near-extinctions at global or local levels. Lineages, invasions, expansions, the DNA research is throwing light on all those fields. It is difficult to foresee what will follow. Many surprises will come. We are just witnessing the first fruits of the pioneers. Techniques are becoming more and more refined by the day; the number of genetic markers keeps growing and so our understanding of their meanings. In a few years it will be possible to discern which were the biological challenges those populations had to confront. A whole new world is at hand!
    What is next for Dr. J.F. del Giorgio?
    Dr. J.F. del Giorgio
    The Sounds of the Stone, my next book. It will cover many of the subjects that I started to develop in The Oldest Europeans The west is the cradle of the homosapiens/cromagnon
    In 1991, prehistorians, anthropologists and archaeologists showed their inclination towards this thesis(fact in 2016),holding in the catalan town of Capellades the first Congress on the birthplace of modern man, or Sapiens in Western Europe. It was established the conclusion that the homo sapiens was formed in Western Europe.Now DNA corroborates what the bible prophecied in revelations 2:9,3:9 and 12:9.…/rothschild-bloodline/ How do you expect to know real history if these fuckers rule the world?Your ignorance is their power.If you wake up theyd be done «The truth will set you free»- Jesus This was the hidden truth that would set us free.
    Knowing what we know now it makes sense what King Charles I said about Barcelona.This king wasnt from Barcelona so you cant say he was biased.
    According to the king Charles I himself(Emperor of the Roman Germanic Empire), Barcelona was the first city in the world, capital of the new Universal Empire which covered the New World, known and unknown, symbolized by the two pillars of Hercules with the motto Plus Ultra. A new and great empire would add the old Holy Roman Empire, symbolized by the imperial double-headed eagle. In the choir stalls of the Cathedral of Barcelona these shields Chapter of the Order of the Golden Fleece was preserved,the world’s largest Order of Chivalry, held with King Charles I in Barcelona March 1519.Research it because its true. DNA doesnt lie… Much more info here
    Euskera, Part of Mankind’s Heritage
    In what is perhaps the greatest anachronism and most glaring injustice in today’s cultural order, Euzkara or Euskera, the language spoken by the Basque people, has never even been heard of by the majority of the planet’s population, despite the fact that all of them speak in languages that are related, more or less distantly, to this age-old tongue. Or at least, so say the philological studies carried out over the last century, whose conclusions have been categorically confirmed by the results of Molecular Biology analysis.
    Phrases such as ‘The Basques are, without a doubt, the most indigenous people in Europe’ or ‘The Basque are the only direct descendents of the Cro-Magnons, and as such, the first modern humans to inhabit Europe’ have regularly appeared in the conclusions of all genetic studies carried out over the last ten years with the aim of reconstructing humanity’s family tree on the basis of DNA analysis. The reliability of these statements is supported by the fact that both those studies focusing on the origin of language and those analysing the origin of geographical names have reached the same conclusion, and by the fact that the greatest density of Palaeolithic archaeological sites discovered in the world are concentrated in the central and eastern part of the Cantabrian Coastline, the traditional homeland of the Basque people. From all this, we can conclude that if the Cro-Magnons are our only known direct ancestors, and the Basques are their closest descendents, then, by inference, the Basque people are the oldest on Earth.
    In 1995 the National Geographic published an article which dubbed the Basque people, ‘The first family of Europe’ and at the end of 2002, Scientific American and its affiliates all round the world widely disseminated the findings of both the genetic and philological studies carried out by European scientists confirming the theses that had first been postulated in 1984 regarding the link between the Cantabrian region and all the inhabitants of Europe. And more recently, in September 2006, scientists from Oxford University concluded that all the inhabitants of the British Isles originate from the Cantabrian coast.
    Given the magnitude of this issue and its importance in the cultural order for all the peoples on this planet, we believe that the time has come for the United Nations, through its cultural body UNESCO, to take matters in hand and, without tying the initiative to the request of any national government, to initiate procedures to formally recognise Euskera or the Basque language as part of Mankind’s Intangible Heritage. Now that the primogeniture of the Basque language over all other languages in the world has been proven, and now that it has therefore been demonstrated that said language constitutes a most remote and valuable part of Mankind’s Cultural Heritage, it is both absurd and unacceptable that the International Community that UNESCO represents continues to be ignorant of this fact, and therefore fails to adopt the measures required to, on the one hand, protect the said language, and, on the other, to promote a wide range of studies and research into the field. Given the relationship that exists between the Basque language and all other languages spoken today in the world, such studies would no doubt give rise to all kinds of interesting discoveries regarding the genesis of the different peoples on our planet and the dawn of mankind’s intellectual journey. Such discoveries would, in turn, vastly enrich the culture of all humanity.
    It is absurd that languages such as Latin and Greek continue to be studied in many parts of the world, while Humanity’s true mother tongue remains forgotten. What is the point of disseminating two dead languages such as Latin and Greek when the language from which both derive, i.e. Euskera, unlike its children, not only remains alive, but also retains all its energy and age-old vitality? Similarly, it is utterly deplorable that political interests have been allowed to interfere with the appreciation and valuation of this language, which constitutes a treasure for all mankind and which will, no doubt, cause an enormous amount of general astonishment when the wealth of information it contains regarding the origins of not just western, but universal culture, is eventually made known.
    If you would like to make a decisive contribution to ensuring that the Basque language is declared part of Mankind’s Intangible Heritage, a title denied to date due to both political interests and pure and simple ignorance, add your signature to the list below and help us spread the word by distributing copies of this Manifesto to your friends and family. You have our undying gratitude in the name of science, culture and truth.
    «The caste of the greatest pharaohs belonged to the R1b lineage and they were an Iberian(Basque/Catalan)/Celtic ethnic. Their caste was the most closed in the world. The recent study from Zurich of the center of igenea genealogy of Zurich, analyzed the DNA of several pharaohs,including Tutankhamun and drew more than 96% of overlap with the genotype of iberia. The lineage of Iberian(Basque/Catalan)/Celtic origin belonging to the major pharaohs of Egypt’s history is the R1b1a2, which is only found in the current Egyptian in 1%» «Spain in that day was the land of the (proto) Iberians, the Basques(and Catalans); that is to say, the Atlanteans»- Ignatius Donnelly.He said this in the 1800s and many years later DNA,etc proved he was RIGHT.Identity theft like the bible prophecied JUSTICE «The shepherds, furthermore, represent the divine kingship of the Atlantean gods and the Grail bloodline,for these god-monarchs were also known as the «Shepherd Kings» (a title, notably, taken up by Jesus too).This indicates that it is the global monarchy of these Atlantean gods that shall rise again from the tomb,perhaps(for sure)through the Merovingian bloodline.The fallen kingdom of the gods is clearly returning, and the new Golden Age is upon us.This is a glorious time to be alive»
    Ferrari lastname
    An occupational surname from the Italian word ferraro(ferrer), meaning «blacksmith» – derived from ferrum meaning «iron.» Ferrari is the Italian equivalent of the surname smith.The 1st people in Italy were the Ausci(Basques).Words with a double r are of basque/celtic/germanic origin.The original smith/ferrari were the basques thats why the basques can roll their tongue and others cant. Baschi=Basques in italian.
    The Baschi family, among the most powerful in central Italy, had dominion over more than 60 castles in the area and had founded, about 3 km away from the castle of the Basque Teverina, a large fortress with a castle, as pompous and imposing residential home of the noble family . This stronghold, privately owned and in ruins, is located in the resort Carnano , in the hamlet Tongs in the town of Montecchio
    «Biscay, Guipuzcoa and Alava, as its known, were considered as known land of notorious noblemen. All the locals in these provinces descended from parents, grandparents, and grandparents’ grandparents and even more of the same region, and a particular house,no matter how modest they were, they were considered noblemen, without it being necessary any evidence.They enjoyed the title of nobility, by immemorial interpretation declaration in favor of a whole territory as Royals as had confirmed numerous provisions, agreements Hearings of Valladolid and Granada, and in regard to Biscay(a local is known as biscayne just like the florida place called key biscayne), its expressly stated in its jurisdiction»
    Alan Wilson and his life-long fellow researcher Baram Blackett have written and published nine books.Authors Baram Blackett and Alan Wilson talk about their 30 year research into the hidden British and Welsh history
    «Palæolithic European man of the Miocene and Pliocene times was a pure Atlantean, as we have previously stated. The Basques are, of course, of a much later date than this, but their affinities, as here shown, go far to prove the original extraction of their remote ancestors. The «mysterious» affinity between their tongue and that of the Dravidian races of India will be understood by those who have followed our outline of continental formations and shiftings» Helena Blavatsky
    “King Arthur was a prince of the Silures,the son of Uther,named Pendragon,paramount over the many kings of Britain»“The Silures were identical with the dark long-headed Basque people found in the Pyrenees,which were the Iberians» madrid and the infiltrated vatican are the enemy. SOS. The basques and catalans were the true cherokees/seminoles/goths/atlanteans/etruscans/thracians «The human being exists in Europe since the dawn of mankind, when the true Iberian Cro-Magnons(Basques/Catalans), originated the R1b lineage of the heberites , which began the history of civilization» Sailors of Stonehenge: The Celestial and Atlantic Origin of Civilization…/dp/1479169234
    Jose Manuel Gomez Vega delves into the mysteries of our ancestors to discover the identity of the builders of the great megalithic monuments like Stonehenge. The conclusion is devastating: the Atlanteans were the proto Iberian sailors (Basques) who planted civilization throughout the world, in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, America,etc .ORIGINS OF THE SCOTS AND PICTS
    «Recent dna tests have proven the Picts are closely related to the Basques of northern Spain. If it is determined some day where the Basques came from, then we will know where the Picts came from also. This relationship had been suspected for some time as it was known that the two groups were uniquely non Indo-European»The Picts were the royal Scythians/Goths. . An epic book of breathtaking scope, The Lords of Navarre is skillfully conceived and masterfully written. It traces a Basque family’s history from the last Ice Age to the present, an untold story of a people still speaking the haunting voices of its Cro-Magnon ancestors.The Lords of Navarre is an authoritative, meticulously researched account of the Basques, their lives as early hunters and farmers, the dawning of Christianity in their land, their fierce battles to fend off their enemies from their beloved highlands
    Gascony was historically inhabited by Basque people(ausci/aquitanians) who spoke a language similar to modern Basque. The name Gascony comes from the same root as the word Basque. From medieval times until today, the Gascon language has been spoken, although it is classified as a regional variant of the Occitan language.
    Gascony is the land of d’Artagnan, who inspired Alexandre Dumas’s character d’Artagnan in The Three Musketeers. It is also home to the hero of the play Cyrano de Bergerac and to Henry III of Navarre who later became king of France as Henry IV 1165-1228 Queen of England, 1191-1199″From unsung queen to beloved Dame of LeMans» From Basque princess to queen of England was a long leap for Berengaria, daughter of King Sancho the Wise of Navarre. And not only queen of England, but wife of the most famous warrior of the age, Richard the Lionheart»…/basque-ing-in-welsh-dna……/save-the-history-and… The basques/celts made it to america,new zealand and australia before anyone else but the nordics and jews hid this…/los-vascos-un-pueblo…/…/ jew albert pike:»we control islam and we will use it to destroy the west» You can see they are destroying the west as we speak…/top-german-journalist-admits… Top german journalist: «We all lie for the CIA»
    En esta conferencia encontraremos la respuesta al origen sagrado del pueblo íbero(vasco)y de IBERIA; y sobre todo; comprenderemos con datos científicos el verdadero origen del pueblo vasco y de su lengua, el euskera
    «La verdad os hara libres» Esta era la verdad oculta que nos haria libres.Los impostores engañaron a la humanidad como profetizo la biblia en revelaciones 2:9,3:9 y 12:9 y ahora el ADN corrobora esto.Investigalo porque es verdad Mucha mas info aqui.Make this vital info go viral,please.»Illuminati,the cult that hijacked the world» by Henry Makow.Luckily foreign scientists from universities like oxford,etc and non foreign scientists know about this discovery and this information is being promoted.

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